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Do I have to participate in the rental car company's toll program?

No. You are not required to have a transponder or participate in a rental car company’s toll program. Cash is accepted on some expressways in Florida. It is important to remember many on- and off-ramp toll plazas have no attendants and require exact change in coins. Some tollways can be cashless (Miami and Tampa areas). A solution for cash and cashless lanes is to Sign Up and use PayTollo.

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What if I don't sign up for the rental car company's toll program and don't use PayTollo?

You can pay cash on some expressways. On cashless lanes an image of the license plate will be captured on camera and an invoice for the toll will be sent to the rental car company. The rental car company may pay the toll invoice on your behalf and may charge you extra fees for their time and service. Check your rental agreement about fees for unpaid tolls if you do not use PayTollo.

How does PayTollo work?

PayTollo is a mobile payment platform for toll roads and bridges, allowing drivers an alternative payment option. Core to the PayTollo Platform is our GPS Toll Recognition Technology (TRT). TRT allows the ability to notify, verify and charge for toll crossings. Additionally, the app includes account management, payment processing, and customer service. PayTollo is a complete solution for the casual or infrequent driver. To learn more go to Setup and Features

PayTollo will collect the toll plus applicable service fees (see PayTollo Payment Plans link to Replenish vs PayAsUGo) from the your credit card, and pay the toll to the road agency.

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What are "Cashless Lanes"?

Eliminating stop-and-go cash toll traffic removes your wait time and makes the expressway safer and able to handle higher traffic volume. For visitors, tourists and the infrequent local driver who uses the tollway, this can be an issue since there are no toll attendants or coin toll baskets . Miami and Tampa tollways are cashless or AET (All Electronic Tolling). Using PayTollo is a great solution for Florida AET tollways.

PayTollo Tips for Florida Cashless Toll Lanes

  • Download PayTollo before your trip, choose the payment method you want, add your vehicle, and drive safely to your destination.
  • If you are flying into Florida and will be using a temporary vehicle enter your new vehicle as soon as you pick it up. You will see a selection for “End Date & Time”. Enter that value. You can update this to reflect the actual return time of the vehicle.
  • Drive in the electronic lanes. DO NOT use the cash lanes.
  • At the end of each drive use PayTollo Now™. This immediately settles your tolls AND reduces your fees. To use PayTollo Now go to Pending Tolls, press Multi-Select-> Select your pending tolls->Press PayTollo Now"
  • An important note: If your phone is off (battery died, swam in the pool, etc), you are still a PayTollo member. “Toll Protection ensures the toll crossings you encounter will still be paid by your PayTollo account. An image of your vehicle's license plate and time of the crossing will be verified to what is on your account and, if valid, will be paid. For some toll plazas in Florida, it can take up to 93 days before they sort through all the /static/images. The authorization is reversed on day 94.

Can I use a toll program from the rental car company?

Yes, for your convenience, the following lists toll programs and the rental car companies associated with them. Please note PayTollo is not responsible if a company chooses to change programs. Always check your rental agreement about rules and fees for toll programs:

Florida Tollways

Florida Turnpike Mainline Spessard L. Holland East-West Expressway SR 408 Sawgrass Expressway (Broward) SR 869 Alligator Alley I-75 Seminole Expressway SR 417 Polk Parkway SR 570 SR 112 - Airport Expressway SR 836 - Dolphin Expressway SR 874 - Don Shula Expressway SR 924 - Gratigny Parkway SR 878 - Snapper Creek Expressway SR 589 - Suncoast Parkway SR 568 - Veterans Expressway I-4 SR 618 - Lee Roy Selmon Expressway 913 - Rickenbacker Causeway 922 - Broad Causeway (Bay Harbor Islands) 275 19 682 679 SR 293 - Mid-Bay Bridge (Niceville) SR 281 - Garcon Point Bridge (Milton) 98 30 SR 884 - Midpoint Memorial Toll Bridge SR 867A - Cape Coral Toll Bridge

List of tollways in Florida

Orange County, California Tollways

California State Route 73 California State Route 133 California State Route 241 California State Route 261

List of tollways in Orange County, California