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PayTollo adds free FasTrak Toll Tags to its mobile offering

PayTollo + FasTrak

PayTollo, the cashless mobile payment platform for tolls and bridges, announced the launch of Toll Tags, e-store enabling customers to order FasTrak Stickers Transponders free of charge

Nov 23, 2020

PayTollo, the cashless mobile payment platform for tolls and bridges, is proud to announce the launch of its e-store today, enabling California drivers to order Fastrak Toll Tags free of charge. PayTollo already offers instant toll payment and verification features, and has processed over 1 million transactions nationwide for customers in Florida and California.

Adhesive sticker tags are cheaper to make, store and mail, and ever since the Transportation Corridor Agencies (TCA) replaced hard-case transponders with adhesive sticker tags last year, FasTrak drivers have found the stickers to be more convenient and easier to use. With Toll Tags, PayTollo drivers will have access to the same easy way to pay for tolls in electronic payment lanes throughout California.

What’s more, as a service provider for the TCA, PayTollo is now interoperable across the state. We support Toll-By-Plate transactions and FasTrak sticker transponders, so all our drivers can use electronic lanes with ease.

With these additions to its mobile tolling offering, PayTollo is now able to provide additional coverage and support in areas where electronic tolling is not supported.

Since the Bay Area bridges launched new, cashless express lanes and decided to go cash-free to fight the spread of Covid-19, stickers are another convenient solution for any California solo driver.

Please note: Toll stickers do not support carpool discounts.

For more information about FasTrak Toll Tags, visit