Set Up and Features

All you need to know about PayTollo

Set Up PayTollo

To set up PayTollo is as simple as 1-2-3. All that is needed is User Information, Payment Information, and Vehicle Information. It's that simple.

User information

PayTollo Signup Screen

Add your user profile including your name, email and password.

Payment Info

PayTollo Payment Screen

Choose payment plan and add form of payment.

Add Vehicle(s)

PayTollo Add Vehicle Screen

Add vehicle information, make sure to input correct license plate number.

Toll Payment with PayTollo

Choose your Recharge Amount & You are set!


Auto Recharge Choose a recharge amount between $20 and $50 to pay for tolls. When your balance reaches $2.00, the account will be recharged the amount you have set. There is a $0.40 convenience fee with each recharge, so the higher the balance, the fewer recharges, and the more you save.

Auto Recharge works great for a family with multiple vehicles and drivers. Tie all vehicles to 1 payment option and family members can share login credentials. Stop worrying about receiving multiple violation letters in the mail or purchasing multiple transponders for each vehicle. Simply download the app, register multiple vehicles to your account and start driving. When using the app, make sure to have the correct vehicle selected on your dashboard.

PayTollo Now™

PayTollo Now allows you to immediately settle your tolls AND reduces your fees by 20¢ per crossing. Tip: To also reduce credit card convenience fees, while in the app look within Pending Tolls, press Multi-Select -> Select your pending tolls -> Press PayTollo Now. Do this at the end of each drive.

Toll Protection

All accounts include Toll Protection. Toll crossings not paid using "PayTollo Now" or read by the video imaging system (usually within 5-7 business days) will be charged against your payment method. You will be notified by email and phone notification of the charge; all charges can be found within the Paid tolls section in MyTolls. In rare instances this can take up to 45 days.

Sharing is Caring - Invite Your Friends

When you invite friends, they get $5 PayTollo Credit. After their first toll, you get $5 PayTollo Credit. Win-Win! Find your invite code in the “More” menu from the Dashboard.

Your Tolling Dashboard

Welcome to the PayTollo Dashboard, this is home-base for the app, all features can be found here. Please review a breakdown of each item below.


Add and remove credit cards, a card must always be on file in order to use app


All vehicles you have registered with app will be found and edited here

Passenger Mode

When activated, all toll notifications will be dismissed for the user's specified time.

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My Tolls

List of toll transactions monitored with the app, including Pending, Paid, and Other Tolls.

Trip Planner

Explore driving routes and calculate toll costs across toll roads and bridges.


The More Menu displays Settings, Support, Toll List, Help, About, and Signout

Trip Planner

Explore driving routes and calculate toll costs across toll roads and bridges. Using the PayTollo Trip Planner reveals total toll cost of trip, estimated driving time, mileage, and number of tolls to be crossed.

Enter Destination

Enter Destination Icon

Simply add your starting point, your trip destination, and click “Enter Destination” to generate the route.

Calculate Route

Calculate Route

Once the route is calculated you see the number of tolls, alternate routes and trip total for selected route is displayed.

Trip Details

Trip Details

More trip detail can be viewed, revealing the individual toll prices. Get accurate toll pricing by adjusting axle count.

Got it? Start Driving!

Now that you know how it works, lets get you on the road!