Set Up and Features

All you need to know about PayTollo

Set Up PayTollo

Setting up PayTollo is as simple as 1-2-3. Just follow the steps below and hit the road.

Create Your Profile

PayTollo Signup Screen

Add your basic information and set a password.

Add Payment

PayTollo Payment Screen

Add a balance to your account to pay for tolls.

Add Vehicle(s)

PayTollo Add Vehicle Screen

Add vehicle information and license plate number.

NOTE: Once set up is complete, vehicle processing will take 24 hours.

Toll Payment with PayTollo

Choose your Recharge Amount & You are set!

Balance & Recharge

Choose a recharge amount between $25 and $50. With Auto Recharge, your account will automatically be recharged when your balance reaches $10.

*Recharges include a 4% processing fee Choose a recharge amount between $25 and $50 to pay for tolls.

PayTollo Now™

Use PayTollo Now on pending tolls to immediately settle your toll and reduces your fees

Auto Settle

All accounts feature Auto Settle. Toll crossings not paid using PayTollo Now or read by the video imaging system (usually within 5-7 business days) will be automatically charged against your balance. You will be notified by email and all charges can be found in the Paid Tolls section of the PayTollo app.

Your Tolling Dashboard

Welcome to the PayTollo Dashboard, this is home-base for the app, all features can be found here. Please review a breakdown of each item below.


Add and remove credit cards. A card is required at all times in order to pay for tolls using the app.


View, edit or remove the vehicles you have registered with PayTollo.


Make changes to your default payment method or edit your Auto Recharge amount.

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My Tolls

View history of your toll transactions monitored on PayTollo, including paid and pending tolls.

Trip Planner

Explore driving routes and calculate toll costs across toll roads and bridges.


Access settings, support, help and more app controls.

Trip Planner

Explore driving routes and calculate toll costs across toll roads and bridges. Using the PayTollo Trip Planner, you can also estimate driving time, mileage and number of tolls to be crossed.

Enter Destination

Enter Destination Icon

Simply add your start and end points to generate the route.

Calculate Route

Calculate Route

Once the route is generated, see number of tolls, trip total, and even explore alternate routes.

Trip Details

Trip Details

Explore individual toll prices and get accurate estimates of your trip cost.

Got it? Start Driving!

Now that you know how it works, lets get you on the road!