PayTollo + FasTrak

Now you can manage Fastrak through the PayTollo app.

PayTollo + Toll Stickers

PayTollo already enables instant tolling at electronic lane prices right from your phone, and we’ve expanded our offering to include Toll Tags: sleek, easy-to-apply stickers that enable electronic toll payments without your phone.

Toll Tags offer the best prices at the toll plazas—even where electronic tolling isn’t supported—and the easy account management you’ve come to expect.

FasTrak stickers are available and cover all California tolls except for carpool discounts.

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How it works

PayTollo customers can order Toll Tags from the app free of charge—you only need to cover shipping. Once it arrives, simply stick on the inside of your windshield and activate it, and it’ll handle smooth payments even where electronic tolling isn’t supported.

ORDER your FasTrak Sticker

  1. Open the PayTollo app.
  2. Navigate to Toll Tags.
  3. Order your sticker and receive email confirmation.

REGISTER your Sticker

  1. Open the menu
  2. Click the “Toll Tag” icon.
  3. Click “Activate Toll Tag”.
  4. Input Toll Tag number and type.

INSTALL your FasTrak Sticker

  1. Toll Tag must be applied to the inside of the windshield.
  2. Adhere in one of the bottom corners of the windshield or behind the rearview mirror.

MANAGE tolling with PayTollo

  1. View crossed tolls.
  2. View balance recharges.
  3. Edit balance recharge amounts.


Cross-state travel: Drive from Florida to California without missing a beat. PayTollo can be used across multiple states.

Multiple vehicles: Toll Tags for the whole family. Add multiple cars to your PayTollo account and manage them all.

Remote management: Take care of business wherever you are. Manage your Toll Tag account right on your phone.

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