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Introducing the PayTollo Trip Planner

There's nothing worse as a traveler than coming around a curve on a long drive, or during your evening commute, and seeing a line of cars stretching for miles from the next toll plaza. Even in a world of digital toll solutions like EZPass or iPass, a busy tourist travel day or a congested commuting highway can still force you to spend agonizing minutes and hours waiting to pay your toll and continue on your way.

That’s where PayTollo comes in - an online toll pay app that simply uses your phone’s location technology to automatically pay tolls by charging your linked credit card. With PayTollo, you don’t need cash, coins, or even a transponder - you can breeze your way through toll plaza after toll plaza and let your phone and the PayTollo app do the work for you. Here are four reasons why PayTollo may be the best online toll pay solution you haven’t used yet:

1. Setting up your app and account is incredibly easy

If you are looking for convenience, then PayTollo is the right choice for you. Setting up the app involves just a few simple steps:

  • Download the app to your smartphone and open it
  • Add a vehicle to your account
  • Add a payment method (like a major credit card) to process transactions
  • Hit the road!

That’s right, there’s no need to keep track of the various toll prices that you encounter as you drive from place to place. With a few quick taps of your fingers, the PayTollo app will handle it all for you.

2.   Cash lanes are rapidly becoming a thing of the past

Recently, entire state toll plaza systems are being converted to transponder and cashless tolling, whether travelers are ready for them or not. California, New York, Florida, Texas, and some of the other largest states in the country are already phasing out paid toll plazas to save money, curb pollution, and help to increase travel times and cut down on delays.

If you haven’t made the switch to cashless tolling yet, then you might as well just skip the transponder option and move straight to a cashless tolling app like PayTollo. No one wants to get stuck in a toll plaza that only accepts cashless tolling, and see fellow drivers pile up behind you. With PayTollo, simply breeze through and enjoy all of your newfound free time!

3.   Real-time notifications let you know when and how much you are paying for each toll plaza

Especially for commercial or business travelers, keeping track of online toll payments is essential for receiving reimbursement and travel expenses from your employer. In the past, this might have involved holding onto dozens of paper receipts, or scrolling through your transponder account to figure out which tolls you need to reimburse.

PayTollo makes all of this much easier. If the app is open as you drive, you will receive real-time notifications that let you know when and how much you paid at each toll you pass. Even if the app is closed, PayTollo will automatically process the bill via the state’s tolling authority, keeping an easy-to-browse record for you to return to when you need it.

4.   Spend your time doing the things you enjoy, not waiting in line!

Perhaps the best reason to opt for toll pay online apps like PayTollo is the time saved - especially for drivers who commute to work in busy urban areas, or commercial drivers who expect to travel thousands and tens of thousands of miles each year. Numerous studies have shown that every single toll delay can pile up into hours or even days of your life wasted at toll plazas, especially for drivers who commute or drive cross-country regularly.

While a few minutes here or there may not be noticeable, think of all of the other things in your life you could use that time for. In addition, studies show that stress is often positively correlated with lost time at places like toll road plazas - so saving some time here or there can even lower your stress level and make you happier!

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