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Invite friends and you both get $5 PayTollo credit

Invite friends and get $5

With our recent app update, you can share the PayTollo app with friends and family and both will receive $5 in PayTollo credit. “What are the details?”…

Here are said details:

  • Share your unique code via Text or E-mail.
  • Once your friend registers with your unique code, they will receive $5 credit immediately
  • When they drive through their first toll, you will receive $5 credit

You can do this in an easy 3 Step process:

  1. From dashboard select "More"
  2. Select "Invite"
  3. Send via E-Mail or text!
... ...

This benefit is on the most current version of PayTollo. If you do not have the current version, go the app store, update your app here and invite the world.

Abenezer Yohalashet
CEO and Founder
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