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PayTollo - A Toll Payment App for Florida

PayTollo - A Toll Payment App for Florida

“Central Florida has become the testing ground for a cellphone as toll transponder app by a San Francisco startup with nationwide ambitions.

The PayTollo® phone app would notify drivers when they are approaching a toll and give them the option to pay through their phone after their ride is over — a convenience for casual toll customers and tourists with no E-Pass or SunPass accounts.

"The a-ha moment came when I crossed the Golden Gate Bridge, and I received an invoice in the mail, and the only way I could pay was to use a money order," said Abenezer Yohalashet, PayTollo co-founder….”

“..."It just gives consumers another option, especially as visitors that come to the area and people that don't have transponders," said Michelle Maikisch, spokeswoman for the toll agency….”

To see the complete article and video click through to the Orlando Sentinel here.

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