PayTollo OEM Partners

Instant, cashless tolling. A brilliantly simple solution.

Partnering with PayTollo as an OEM isn’t just adding bells and whistles to your offering. It’s an integrated toll payment solution white-labelled with your unique branding—a differentiator that sets your product apart.

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The PayTollo Package

PayTollo has been helping American drivers bypass long waits in the cash lane for 6 years. Become a PayTollo partner and help your drivers do the same.

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No equipment needed

PayTollo integrates with your vehicle to handle toll payments.

Your branding front and center

PayTollo can be white-labelled to meet your unique branding needs.

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PayTollo embeds right in your dashboard or in your mobile app.

Partnering with PayTollo

Schedule an appointment with a PayTollo representative today to find out how you can start offering online, white-labelled toll payment right from inside your vehicle itself.