Shouldn't Tolling be this easy?

...well with PayTollo it is.


Welcome to PayTollo. Your Toll Payment Solution.

No more waiting in the cash lane or getting toll violations in the mail. Simply download PayTollo and use your mobile device to pay for toll roads.

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How to PayTollo

Not like setting up any other tolling account.. Setup is easy!

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Drive Through a Toll

Just Keep Driving...


Pay tolls with your phone

We made what the toll industry needed

PayTollo is the 21st century solution to a legacy system of ancient tolling. The idea literally started with a "wouldnt it be nice if.." conversation.


Save Time and Money

No more cash lanes, no more toll invoices

Registered PayTollo members have access to supported express toll lanes. When driving through a toll plaza, a notification is sent alerting you of payment. Whiz right past all the drivers waiting in the cash lane… no need to scramble for change or cash.

PayTollo Features

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