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PayTollo Supports All Types of Vehicles and
Any Size Fleet.
PayTollo Does Not Support Rental Vehicles.

Never pay cash for a toll again.

No more cash, no more cash lane. Just download PayTollo and drive.

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How to PayTollo

Nothing to attach, no extra equipment to buy. It’s all on your phone.

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Pay tolls with your phone

You already have everything you need right in the palm of your hand. PayTollo runs off the GPS data in your phone and cross-references it with license plate captures to make payment simple and stress-free.


Save Time and Money

As a PayTollo driver, you’ll be able to access supported express toll lanes across the US. As you pass through a plaza, your account will generate a payment and send you confirmation while everyone in the cash lane scrambles for change.

PayTollo Features

PayTollo Now Supports FasTrak.

Active PayTollo customers can now order free FasTrak Toll Stickers and receive additional coverage in areas where electronic tolling is not supported.

FasTrak Toll Stickers are band-aid-sized, easy to adhere tags. You can activate and manage your toll crossings with the PayTollo app.

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PayTollo + Motorcycles

Motorcycle riders pay tolls like everybody else. With PayTollo, riders can register their license plates and pay motorcycle tolls seamlessly with an app. With growing state-to-state coverage, PayTollo makes it easier and more convenient to tour than ever before.

No more hardware, unpaid tolls and violation letters!

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