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PayTollo App - Consumer

Let PayTollo help get you to your destination. PayTollo transports toll collection to the 21st century. No waiting in the cash lane or surprise toll violations in the mail. Simply download PayTollo and have access to toll payments at your fingertips.

Setup is a 3 step process… Download, Register your vehicle and payment method, and Drive.

PayTollo is live in Florida for residents and visitors providing the convenience of using the electronic lanes while paying for toll fees with a smart phone.

Go here for more information about paying tolls in rental cars.
Click here for a list of tollways in Florida.

PayTollo Fleet

Fleet Management Has Never Been Easier

The user-friendly PayTollo Fleet makes toll management simple for the independent operator, giving you enhanced controls and visibility. Our service is cloud based, available from anywhere, just add your fleet.

This is an ideal toll payment solution for small-midsize fleet owners. All accounts include centralized controls, reporting, and violation and payment processing.

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