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PayTollo Fleet
Toll Management Service

Ideal toll payment solution for small-midsize fleet.
Includes centralized controls, reporting, and violation and payment processing.

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Why PayTollo Fleet?

Benefits for you:

  • Consolidate multiple toll accounts into one program
  • Centralized controls, reporting and payment processing
  • Visibility into fleet’s tolling activities
  • Ease toll expense reporting
  • Invoice creation for violating drivers

Benefits for your drivers:

  • Use of high-speed toll lanes
  • Cashless
  • Budget friendly
  • No transponder management
  • 100% Opt-in
PayTollo fleet add and manage vehicles

Add and Manage Vehicles Easily

Automatically registers fleet vehicles with participating toll authorities. Consolidates multiple toll accounts into one centralized program.

PayTollo fleet manage tolls

Manage Tolls

Eliminates most, if not all, expensive toll violations and related penalties. Enhances visibility into a fleet’s tolling activity with a robust reporting package.

PayTollo fleet create custom invoice

Documents Made Easy

Seek reimbursement for personal tolls directly from drivers with violation invoice creation. Eliminates time-consuming toll expense reporting for each vehicle.

Fleet Management Has Never Been Easier

The user-friendly PayTollo Fleet makes toll management simple for the independent operator, giving you enhanced controls and visibility.
Our service is cloud based, available from anywhere, just add your fleet.

paytollo fleet admin screen shot
PayTollo Fleet Dashboard Icon


Easy and Detailed: Upload your fleet with a CSV file then drill down to charges at the vehicle level by date range and/or license.

PayTollo Fleet Document Icon


Create receipts for vehicle expenses. Create custom invoices for opt-out drivers who have driven tollways.

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PayTollo Fleet is a trusted partner you can count on. Toll Management is available in throughout Florida, complying with license plate (video) toll recognition systems.

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