About PayTollo®

PayTollo® - The mobile app to pay tolls via a mobile device. The platform will enable users to drive from San Francisco to New York using one platform to pay for all toll roads. Eliminating the use of cash and awkward hardware devices.

Don't pay for tolls, just Paytollo

PayTollo is a utility app used by drivers to receive up to date road and bridge toll prices during their driving experience. PayTollo brings transparency and adds value to determine mobility needs.

20% of toll road revenue is made from the infrequent driver which is subject to coin collection. The only alternative moving forward in the change to All Electronic Tolling (AET) is for drivers to purchase RFID toll tags or be subject to Pay By Mail service which comes with an additional $8-$12 to cover “Administrative Fees”.

PayTollo saves both the toll authority and the driver from hassling with mail-in invoices and having to send a check or money order to cover $5-$8 toll fee plus the administration fees. The PayTollo mobile application gives the user the convenience of making toll payments on their smart phone in real time.

Based on your geo location, our proprietary algorithm identifies the toll you cross and bills your account electronically. PayTollo customers get to travel the roads as prepaid toll tag customers, so take advantage of all electronic lanes and avoid the traffic and long lines at the cash lane.

No More Cash, No More Cash Lane, and No More Toll Violations

With PayTollo drivers never have to scrounge for cash or take the last exit before a toll in hopes of finding a ATM to avoid a toll-violation. Now all you need is simply your mobile device and a credit card to pay for all your tolling needs. That means no more mail-in toll bills, no more toll violations, and no more cash lane.

Thats right, with PayTollo users have access to the all electronic lanes on any of our supported toll roads. Now you can get to where your going in the fast lane without the hassle of purchasing a toll-tag or the commitment of a membership. All we need is your user info, vehicle info, and payment method. Sign Up To Pay Tolls now.

Using PayTollo, all you need to do is sign up, add payment and vehicle, and just keep driving.